Rare photographies of medical experimentation conducted by the infamous Unit 731. Unit 731 was a division of the Japanese Imperial Army which, during the occupation of China (1937-1945), conducted a vast myriad of medical experiments on mostly Chinese prisoners that were alive and conscious through-out these often extremely torturous ordeals.

They focused a lot on studies of infection medicine, epidemiology, and biological warfare, and the prisoners were often exposed to biological and biochemical weapons. They also vivisected people, locked people inside pressure chambers until death, deprived people of food until death occured as to study malnourishment in human beings, and exposed people to lethal doses of x-rays. They also reportedly injected test subjects with animal blood and salt water as to study the reaction with the human anatomical system.

Reportedly, after the war, many of the scientists working under Unit 731 were freed from juridical trial by the USA in exchange of the test results from the extensive Japanese WWII biological warfare research programme.